45th Anniversary of KITKAT's Arrival in Japan

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  • Will your idea become a new KITKAT flavor? Worldwide Election! The Worldwide Election has closed.

The Journey to Release of the KITKAT Worldwide
Election's New Flavor 1


  • Hi everybody!! This is Usagi from Nestlé Japan!
    Today, I'm at the development meeting for the flavor elected in the KITKAT Worldwide Election...
    I'm about to take a peak behind the scenes of the journey until its release this fall.

  • At the flavor development meeting, we're tasting some carefully
    selected samples (* ´﹃ `*)
    I'm about to join the meeting!

  • - In the meeting -
    Colleague 1: I like A better. (Nom nom) It has a refreshing tartness
    and tastes like the real thing.
    Usagi: Really? (Nom nom)
    The boss: But don't you think B is richer and tastes more luxurious?
    Usagi: I see. (Crunch)
    Colleague 2: How about adding a bit of A's tartness to B?
    The boss: Let's try that.

    To be continued…

The Journey to Release of the New Flavor from
the KITKAT Worldwide Election 2


  • The taste of the new flavor KITKAT has been decided!
    It has a deep flavor that blends tartness with a sense of luxury and richness (* ´﹃ `*)
    Aah, such a happy marriage…
    What flavor do you think this color is? Keep a lookout for the release!

    To be continued…

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  • 2018.4.2 The special website marking the 45th anniversary of KITKAT's arrival in Japan was launched today.
    A "Worldwide Election" campaign to call for new flavor ideas is underway!
    If you have any ideas for flavors you think would be good or that you'd like to taste in a KITKAT, post them to the website♪
  • 2018.4.9 The call for new flavor ideas for the “Worldwide Election,” which will decide the No. 1 flavor KITKAT fans want to eat, has now closed.
    Thank you all for entering♪
  • 2018.4.20 45th Anniversary Worldwide Election!
    From the many suggestions we received, 21 flavors have been chosen as the final candidates.Vote for the KITKAT you most want to eat!
  • 2018.4.28 Final voting in the Worldwide Election has now closed. Thank you for the many votes received!
    The results will be announced on this website, as well as on KITKAT Japan's official Twitter account (@KITKATJapan) in around November, 2018.
    Stay tuned♪

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