Some 500,000 people
from 81 countries and regions took part in the KITKAT 45th Anniversary Worldwide Election.
Which flavor was chosen as No. 1…?

No. 1 in the KITKAT 45th Anniversary Worldwide Election! Strawberry Tiramisu

Strawberry Tiramisu Flavor

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To celebrate the 45th anniversary of KITKAT’s arrival in Japan, artists who are some of KITKAT’s biggest fans will gather here! May all of your hopes and dreams come true! With special performances and challenges,the 45th anniversary celebrations are going to be even more exciting!


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Nicole Fujita ver.

45th Anniversary
Celebration Party Digest



Bringing extra excitement to
KITKAT’s 45th anniversary celebrations!


Message of

All of us at BLACKPINK
looove KITKAT!
We will always love KITKAT,
for ever and ever♡
Congratulations on your
45th anniversary♡

Members’ memories

    JISOO- Vocal -
    Whenever a limited edition KITKAT is launched, I will always check it out♡ I just love how colorful they are♫
    JENNIE- Vocal, Rap -
    I really love the many different flavors of
    KITKAT there are to enjoy♡
  • LISA
    LISA- Rap -
    Some places have different varieties of
    KITKAT, so whenever I spot them, I want to try them all♡
  • ROSÉ
    ROSÉ- Vocal -
    I highly recommend the Ruby Chocolate
    KITKAT, with its pretty pink color♡


Represented by YG ENTERTAINMENT, which also has on its books such globally popular acts as BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON, BLACKPINK, the "Next-Gen Girl Crush" group hailing from Asia has landed in Japan.
They released their mini-album, BLACKPINK, in Japan on August 30, 2017.
In their striking debut, they topped the Oricon rankings with their first appearance on the charts, becoming only the third overseas artist to achieve this feat.

BLACKPINK PREMIUM DEBUT SHOWCASE, their first live performance in Japan, held at the Budokan in July 2017 before their Japan debut, attracted a flood of interest, with 200,000 people applying for the 14,000 tickets available. They are forging a successful career in Japan, appearing at major fashion events, on advertising in Shibuya and Harajuku, and in TV commercials.
They are also gaining attention worldwide, with total views of their YouTube channel topping 2 billion. They embarked on their first Japan arena tour in July 2018, and have announced that on December 24, 2018 they will become the first overseas girl group to perform live at Kyocera Dome Osaka.

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Nicole Fujita

Message of

Congratulations on KITKAT’s 45th Anniversary!
I have been working as a model since I was in the sixth grade. On the set of magazine shoots or in the green room at TV recordings, there would almost always be a supply of KITKATs on hand. Whenever I was tired, they would be there to give me energy!
Whenever I feel like eating chocolate, a KITKAT is the perfect size to satisfy that craving. I would eat one and I would feel like I can keep going. Incidentally, my favorite flavors are the regular red KITKAT and the Matcha flavor!


Born February 20, 1998 in Saitama Prefecture. Pisces. Blood Type A. Models exclusively for the fashion magazine, ViVi. In 2017, the number of TV programs she had appeared in exceeded 330, bringing her into the top ten for TV appearances by female talent. She also works in commercials, events and other diverse media. In February 2018, she launched her own brand, NiCORON, which she is producing herself.
She has just over 2.4 million Twitter followers and just over 2 million followers on Instagram (as of July 2018).

FLAVORTo celebrate the 45th anniversary,
those illusive local flavors and other special flavors will be making appearances!

  • kitkat 毎日の贅沢
    KITKAT Luxury Every Day 109 grams + Chocolatory Sublime Ruby Petite Size 2-pack
    For even more luxury, our Luxury Every Day, containing cranberries and almonds, a popular choice for ladies, now comes with that miracle chocolate, KITKAT Chocolatory Sublime Ruby!
  • kitkat ミニ 抹茶のちから 12枚
    Using the New Matcha Knead-in production method makes the true deep bitterness of matcha green tea even more evident. An easy and delicious way to incorporate lutein(*) and polyphenol, substances found of matcha and green tea leaves that are attracting increased attention, into your daily lifestyle.
    (*) Lutein…Found in abundance in green leafy vegetables such as spinach and in matcha and green tea leaves. Supports the daily lives of people who look at their smartphones, televisions, and other screens frequently.
  • kitkat ミニ オトナの甘さ 濃い抹茶 12枚
    KITKAT MINI "OTONA NO AMASA" Strong Green Tea 12 pieces
    By doubling(*) the quantity of Uji Matcha green tea, we have created a "strong, rich & genuine" Uji Matcha flavor especially for adults. Enjoy the mild sweetness, rich bitterness, and sharp aftertaste.
    (*Compared to KITKAT "OTONA NO AMASA" Green Tea)
  • kitkat ミニ オトナの甘さ 抹茶 13枚
    KITKAT Mini "OTONA NO AMASA" Green Tea 13 pieces
    Enjoy the "genuine" flavor for adults created by highly fragrant Uji Matcha green tea.
  • KITKAT Mini 14 pieces + Soy Sauce Flavor 3 pieces
    KITKAT Mini 14 pieces + Soy Sauce Flavor 3 pieces
    To commemorate the 45th anniversary of KITKAT’s arrival in Japan, KITKAT Soy Sauce Flavor, which was released as a Tokyo souvenir as part of the Local KITKAT range in 2008, will make a comeback for a limited time only. Enjoy the unexpected combination of the slightly aromatic flavor of soy sauce and the sweetness of white chocolate.
  • KITKAT Mini 13 pieces + Miso Flavor 3 pieces
    KITKAT Mini 13 pieces + Miso Flavor 3 pieces
    To commemorate the 45th anniversary of KITKAT’s arrival in Japan, KITKAT Miso Flavor, which was released as a Tokai-Hokuriku souvenir as part of the Local KITKAT range in 2009, will make a comeback for a limited time only. Enjoy the sublime harmony between the slightly aromatic flavor of red miso paste and the mellow sweetness of white chocolate.
  •  KITKAT Japan 45th Anniversary Commemorative Assortment
    KITKAT Japan 45th Anniversary Commemorative Assortment
    Assortment containing a wide variety of KITKAT flavors, including Strawberry Tiramisu Flavor, the No. 1 flavor chosen in the 45th Anniversary Worldwide Election, 12 Local Souvenir flavors, and 14 flavors from KITKAT’s specialty store, KITKAT Chocolatory.

45th Anniversary
Worldwide Election No. 1 Flavor

  • KITKAT Mini Strawberry Tiramisu Flavor 11 pieces
    KITKAT Mini
    Strawberry Tiramisu Flavor 11 pieces
  • KITKAT Mini Strawberry Tiramisu Flavor 3 pieces
    KITKAT Mini
    Strawberry Tiramisu Flavor 3 pieces


  • More than 350 varieties!Japan Original Flavors Will you find your favorite flavor? The first matcha Popular flavors make a comeback Supervised by Chef Takagi Tochigi's specialty products The flavor of first love?

The Journey to Release of the KITKAT Worldwide
Election's New Flavor 1


  • Hi everybody!! This is Usagi from Nestlé Japan!
    Today, I'm at the development meeting for the flavor elected in the KITKAT Worldwide Election...
    I'm about to take a peak behind the scenes of the journey until its release this fall.

  • At the flavor development meeting, we're tasting some carefully
    selected samples (* ´﹃ `*)
    I'm about to join the meeting!

  • - In the meeting -
    Colleague 1: I like A better. (Nom nom) It has a refreshing tartness
    and tastes like the real thing.
    Usagi: Really? (Nom nom)
    The boss: But don't you think B is richer and tastes more luxurious?
    Usagi: I see. (Crunch)
    Colleague 2: How about adding a bit of A's tartness to B?
    The boss: Let's try that.

    To be continued…

The Journey to Release of the New Flavor from
the KITKAT Worldwide Election 2


  • The taste of the new flavor KITKAT has been decided!
    It has a deep flavor that blends tartness with a sense of luxury and richness (* ´﹃ `*)
    Aah, such a happy marriage…
    What flavor do you think this color is? Keep a lookout for the release!

    To be continued…


Have a break, have a KITKAT.®