Chocollabo KITKAT

Let’s make and send it!

Chocollabo KITKAT brings full of smile.

What is Chocollabo KITKAT?

Chocollabo KITKAT is an original KITKAT on which you can design your favorite pictures and messages in any way you want.
For a memory of your family, for a gift to someone special…
Try making an original KITKAT that brings full of smile.

  1. STEP1

    Let’s combine your pictures and stamps!

    KITKAT + Pictures from the trip + Original pictures + Stamps and Messages…

  2. STEP2

    Select a package type and a taste…

    There, you already have your original KITKAT!

  3. STEP3

    Your original KITKAT arrives!

    We will ship your KITKAT to you.

    We correspond to a Dash delivery
    (extra charge).

Ordering methods

You can place an order via your PC or Smartphone.

つくって贈ろう!笑顔こぼれるチョコラボ キットカット

To place an order via Smartphone, download an application dedicated for Chocollabo.

Have a break, have a KITKAT.®
®Registered trademarks include “KITKAT,” “"OTONA-NO-AMASA"(Sweetness for adults),” and “Chocollabo.”