I know my wish will come true (kit).

I know my wish
will come true (kit).

"Helping people express their feelings of support
and appreciation for that someone special.
Japanese KITKAT"

KITKAT is widely known for being a "Good Luck Charm for Students Taking Entrance Exams".
KITKAT naturally became a booster for students taking entrance exams in Kyushu since the name sounds like "Kitto katsu to!", (Win for sure!) in the Kyushu dialect. Around 2002, the practice spread by word-of-mouth among students across the country.
Today, one in three students buys one before an exam, and one in five brings one to the exam site.* KITKAT has become a must-have "Good Luck Charm" for exams, and a source of support for students taking exams.
KITKAT is beloved by a wide range of people for the role it plays in helping family, friends and teachers express encouragement for students taking exams, support for people chasing their dreams, and expressing feelings for that someone special.
*According to Nestlé research

I know my wish will come true (kit). KITKAT will continue to provide you a supporting break at every step of your progress.