How to make Koi Cha (Love Tea)

How to make Koi Cha (Love Tea)
Synopsis Synopsis

Yoko is a high school student who lives with Leon, a cat who continues to live while being repeatedly reborn at Matsuyama and Dogo Onsen.
In the tea ceremony club that she belongs to, she is preparing for a tea ceremony to be held to send off third-graders. One day, a troublemaker’s older sister, called Yumi, comes back, and Yoko’s clumsy love starts to awaken little by little ...

  • Episode 1
    "I am Leon"

    A high school student called Yoko lives in the town of Dogo, home to Japan’s oldest hot-spring resort.
    Would you believe it! Leon, her cat, is a magical animal that continues to live while being reborn many times!

  • Episode 2
    "Bitter Memories"

    It was Yoko’ s older sister, Yumi, who came to the club room when the meeting of the tea ceremony club was being held.
    Her homecoming caused Yoko’ s modest everyday life to start changing little by little, but change for sure…

  • Episode 3
    "Making Tea for You"

    A tea party to send off graduates finally started.
    It was Yoko who encouraged Rikyu, someone who had been sitting on the fence since he’d known about Yumi’s marriage....

Cast introduction Cast introduction
  • Risaki Matsukaze

    Yoko Shoda

    Risaki Matsukaze

    A first-year high school student born as the second daughter in Japanese-style lodging at Dogo Onsen.
    She helps out at the lodging from early in the morning, belongs to the tea ceremony club at school, and is studying tea.
    She is the only human that can talk with Leon.

    Profile introduction

    2015 advertisement Tokyo Metro’s “Find my Tokyo.” Debuted with "The Ikebukuro that Attracts Me" part, and in the following year she appeared in the 2016 drama series "Good Partner, Invincible Lawyer," and " What Kind of Sky Can You See There?" directed by Masahiko Nagasawa with screenplay by Eriko Kitagawa (Shown on Nestle Theater on YouTube).
    Her starring movie "Tomoshibi (Light)" directed by Taichi Sugiyama is planned to be released in 2017.

  • Miki Yokota

    Yumi Shoda

    Miki Yokota

    Yoko’s older sister who was born as the eldest daughter in Japanese-style lodging in Dogo Onsen and works at a publishing house in Tokyo. She will soon be marrying Sanematsu.

    Profile introduction

    Debuted in the 2008 advertisement "Mynavi Admission." From 2013, she took over as Keio Electric Railway’s "Prat Girl Kaede Takao." She has appeared in many kinds of media such as advertisements and posters. In the 2015 NHK television drama series "Morning Came" she put in a good performance as Kudo Sakae. She has been involved in various activities such as acting as MC at TOKYO MX’s "Countdown TOKYO," and being the fifth regular lady in E-Tele’s "Nyan Chu World Broadcasting Station."

  • Sojiro Yoshimura

    Takuya Ohno

    Sojiro Yoshimura

    A second-year high school student going to high school near Dogo Onsen. A slightly strange boy belonging to the tea ceremony club.
    Extremely knowledgeable about tea, he is the next-generation club leader. He often played with Yoko and Yumi as their childhood friend.

    Profile introduction

    Sojiro Yoshimura Born February 1, 1998 Comes from Tokyo
    Main film appearances: "Tokyo Shutter Girl," "One Week Friends."
    Major appearances in TV dramas: NHK’s "People in a Coffee Shop," NTV’s "We Can Win Even If We’re Weak."
    Advertisement "Style ’ 20 Kirari! Watching" Part

  • Shohei Ueki


    Shohei Ueki

    A teacher at the high school Yoko and Takuya go to.
    Advisor to the tea ceremony club. He soon plans to get married with Yumi, a high school classmate. A gentle teacher who is henpecked by Yumi.

    Profile introduction

    Born on November 23, 1982. Comes from Okayama Prefecture.
    He appeared in NHK’s long-running historical drama series "Gunshi Kanbe," Amazon’s original drama "Tokyo Girls’ Picture Book," and the films "Library Wars," and "Suguru-Hi-No Yamaneko," etc.
    Also active as a member of the acting group, Shibuya Hachiko-Mae.

  • Leon



    Profile introduction

    Born on February 10, 2015 Variety: Scottish fold Hometown: Nagoya
    Special skills: Sitting, standing, waiting (understands the three languages of Japanese, English and Korean)
    Favorite things: Baths, earpicks, hair brushing and earpicks after a bath, chewing on the feet of his master
    Characteristics: Can sleep anywhere, is boisterous and not shy, full of charm, all pads on his paws are pink
    Number of Instagram followers: Over 10,000 people @leon_nini22

People correlation chart

People correlation chart People correlation chart
Director, music Director, music
  • TV Tokyo’s drama series "Beauty Young Boy Celebrities"
    TBS late-night drama "Twenty-Four Eyes"
    Film "Diamond"
    …And others

  • K
  • J-Pop singer-songwriter from Seoul.
    In March 2005, debuted with ’ over ...’ . In November the same year, "Only Human," the theme song of Fuji TV’s drama "1 Liter of Tears," was a huge hit.
    In 2009, with his playing and talking tour "K style ~ timeless night ~" he became the first foreigner to tour all 47 prefectures in Japan.
    He has gained huge popularity with his amazing live performances.
    He successfully performed at Nippon Budokan on November 30, 2010, his first time to play there. In 2015, he went on a tour of 47 prefectures "10th anniversary K ~ than K you ~" for the second time.
    In March 2016, he released “Ano Kumo no Mukou Gawa (The Other Side of that Cloud)” the theme song of Kit Kat’s Concept Cinema "What Kind of Sky Can You See There?".