Luxury Every Day

Full of delight. Small pieces of happiness.

「KITKAT Luxury Every Day」 was created
to let you enjoy the luxury of Moleson,
a popular product from 「KITKAT Chocolatory」, every day.

The sense of luxury that 「KITKAT Chocolatory」 gives and

The f ine taste of
cranberries and almonds.

Enrich your break
with a luxury 「KITKAT」.

Product introduction

  • 「KITKAT Luxury Every Day」

    「KITKAT Luxury Every Day」
    Released on September 26
    Size: 105 g

KITKAT Chocolatory

What is 「KITKAT Chocolatory Moleson」?
It is a 「KITKAT」 in which cranberries and almonds are given
a hand-finished coating of mild couverture chocolate, carefully finished one by one.
This superb product, carefully designed by pastry chefs, is to be enjoyed
when you want to celebrate or need a bit of luxury.

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